Which Trophy is expensive in Malaysia?

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Expensive Trophies in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the cost of a trophy is influenced by several factors, different to the world mainly due to the type and material.

Here’s a table outlining some factors and their impact on price:

Type Estimated Price Example
Small Crystal Trophy RM50-RM120 A Small Crystal Trophy or Crystal Plaque without base
Medium Metal Trophy RM100-RM500 Metal Cup Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places
Large Trophy or Sculptures RM300-RM1,000 Oscar Trophy, Championship Trophies, Golden Sculpture Trophies
Custom Trophy RM350 and above Depending on Material used
Precious Metal like Gold and Silver Seasonal Rarely made in Malaysia

Why are Trophies expensive in Malaysia?

Trophies may have become expensive but there are reasons.

If these reasons are understand, we can choose an informed decision.

Choose a Company to buy from wisely

Reason Factor Example
Material Origin Imported or Local Imported materials will have import duties and transportation costs added to price
Production Cost Labor costs or skilled crafting Malaysia labor cost is lower though skilled craftmanship may be higher
Market Demand High or Low and Branding High Demand and Clazz Trophy Malaysia brand has increasesed prices
Custom vs Ready Customisation or off the shelf trophies Customization in Malaysia is more expensive than ready made Trophies
Sdn Bhd Tax Rate Percentage In Malaysia due to taxes, expenses is clawed back for most enterprise increasing prices

Overall understanding and conclusion

  • Comparing to oversea countries, it may be cheaper to buy from in Malaysia due to
  • Lower Labor costs
  • Government subsidies
  • Lower exchange rates if your operating Country is not in Malaysia
  • Lower Shipping costs
  • Competitive Local Sourcing

To conclude, Trophies may be expensive in Malaysia for certain Companies but if you choose wisely, it is still cheaper overall.