Medal Lanyard hooks

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Lanyards serve a multitude of purposes and it is important for displaying achievements like medals.

When it comes to attaching medals to lanyards, the choice of hook or attachment can greatly impact the Medal.

Both the functionality and aesthetics of the medal can be affected.

How many lanyard hooks are there?

What are the various types and their suitability for different occasions?

Medal Hooks

Swivel J-Hook

Ideal for events where medal display is required, the swivel J-hook offers flexibility and convenience.

Its rotating mechanism allows for easy adjustment of the attached item, preventing tangling or twisting of the lanyard.

This type of hook is commonly used in settings such as conferences, trade shows, and conventions.

Carabine Hook

This hook was popularized by outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Carabine hooks offer a rugged yet stylish option for attaching medals to lanyards.

These were originally designed for climbing and mountaineering purposes.

The sturdy metal clips feature a spring-loaded gate that can be quickly opened and closed with one hand.

Carabiners are often favored for sports events, team-building activities, and outdoor ceremonies.

Plastic Hook

For lightweight applications or budget-friendly options, plastic hooks provide a practical solution for attaching medals to lanyards.

Made from durable polymers such as nylon or ABS, these hooks offer sufficient strength.

While providing strength, these hook remain lightweight and affordable.

Plastic hooks are commonly used in educational settings, children’s events, and promotional activities.


While not technically a hook, o-rings are frequently used for attaching medals and other items to lanyards.

Resembling miniature key rings, o-rings consist of a coiled metal loop that can be opened and closed using pliers or a specialized tool.

Despite their simple design, o-rings offer a secure and permanent attachment, making them suitable for long-term use.

O-ring comes in many sizes, smaller sizes are quite conventional.

They are closed tightly so that the medal is not removable.

Which Medal Lanyard hook is suitable?

The choice of lanyard hook can significantly impact the functionality, durability, and aesthetics of the overall ensemble.

Whether you prefer the sleek simplicity of a hook or the rugged versatility of a carabine.

There is a wide range of options to suit every need and occasion.

Understanding the characteristics and advantages of each type of hook.

As such, you can confidently select the perfect attachment for your medals.

This ensures your medals are displayed securely and stylishly for all to see.

Alternatively, you may engage us as your medal expert supplier to better explain in detail of all medal prerequisites.