How to spot a fake Trophy Supplier Google Review?

So you’ve been tasked with finding the perfect trophy – a symbol of triumph and achievement.

But with online marketplaces overflowing with options, how can you be sure you’re not getting scammed?

Don't Get Duped: How to Spot Fake Trophy Suppliers Through Google Reviews

Here’s where the power of Google Reviews comes in!

Sure, a supplier’s website might look flashy, but before you hit “buy,” a little detective work can save you from a trophy disaster.

Here’s how to leverage Google Reviews to weed out the fakes:

Review counts way far away from other Trophy Suppliers

Shortlist a few Trophy Suppliers from Google Maps and compare the number of reviews. 

For example, Trophy Supplier A, B, C, D, E and F has 50 reviews while Company G has 200 reviews.

This is an immediate red flag.

Open up their reviews and check how they are structured and who are leaving those reviews.

Scrutinize the Trophy Supplier Google Reviews

1) Are they from new accounts who has never written a single review before?

2) Are they from new accounts who wrote a few other food reviews?

3) When are the dates of these reviews being written?

4) Are 3 or 4 reviews all written at the same day and same time? Nobody does that.

5) Are they related to the founder or are they the employee themselves?

Check the Google map listing and their Website age

Check how long have they been in business, come up with an excel table. For example:

Website Name Date Started Number of Google Reviews
Clazz Trophy Malaysia 2020 22 Reviews 5.0 Star

Compare with at least 5 to 10 Companies.

The outstanding one would definitely be your Scammer or Fake Google reviews Company.

This is similar techniques done by other Trophy Companies

They request clients to give google reviews in return for a benefit which is illegal in some countries.

So the next time, check your shortlisted Trophy Supplier reviews in detail.

Click onto the Trophy Supplier messaging icon on Website

Have Google check their profile picture and match to see if any scams appear.

If they are illegal, they have likely to have done other fake schemes in the past.

Google their Company name

Check if they have a wide social footprint.

If the Company is around for many years, they tend to have a track record everywhere.

Why is this important?

First of all, it is for you and your Company’s safety.

Buying from scammers can make you lose your money or Companies’ fund.

Buy your Trophies from reputable long time Company Brands.

Investigate, do site visits, go over to the listed Trophy Shop location to inspect Quality.

Help our community together and leave appropriate Google reviews, not to slam or promote but so that other buyers can make better informed decisions.

Gather evidence

Gather all evidence you have found to protect yourself.

In the event of a trophy business transaction that fail, you have the evidence to make a report.