Golf Trophy

Golf Trophy for Golf Tournament

There are many Golf tournaments running concurrently in Malaysia.

Choosing the right trophy for your golf tournament depends on a few things:

  • Type of Tournament: Is it a casual golf competition among friends or a more serious event?


  • Budget: Golf trophies can range from affordable medals to elaborate Crystal Trophy creations.

  • Style: Do you want a classic Trophy design or something more unique?

Popular Trophy ideas for Golf Tournaments

  • Classic Perpetual Trophy: This is a traditional Golf Trophy cup or shield that gets engraved with the winner’s name each year.
    A great option for established tournaments.

  • Themed Trophies: For a fun twist, consider trophies that represent specific achievements.
    This could be a “Longest Drive” trophy for the farthest hit, or a “Closest to the Pin” trophy for the nearest shot to the hole.

  • Modern Awards: Crystal or acrylic trophies with golf-themed designs offer a sleek and contemporary look.

  • Medals: A budget-friendly option, medals are great for recognizing winners and runners-up, especially in larger tournaments.

Trophy preparation before Golf Tournament

  • Finalize Trophy Selection: Double-check the number of Golf trophies needed for all categories (overall winner, runner-up, closest to the pin, longest drive, etc.)
    Ensure they’re the right type (classic, themed, modern) and fit your budget.

  • Engraving: Order trophies with enough lead time for engraving.
    Decide what information will be engraved – golf tournament name, date, category, and winner’s name (leave space for the winner’s name if presenting after the event).

  • Presentation: Prepare a dedicated table for the golf trophies.
    Drape it with a tablecloth and consider using risers for the larger trophies to create a tiered display.
    This makes presentations more visually appealing.

  • Organization: Arrange trophies in the order they will be presented.
    Include any accompanying prizes like gift certificates or merchandise.
    Knowing the order prevents fumbling and keeps the golf ceremony flowing.

  • Backup Plan: Have a spare trophy on hand in case of unexpected breakage or a tie requiring additional awards.
    A simple, generic trophy works best for this purpose.

Enhancing the Golf Trophy giveaway Ceremony

Giving away your Golf Trophies during the ceremony is a memorable moment.

To enhance the moment, these are the other things that can be done:

  • Category Cards: Create small cards or signs for each golf trophy category.
    This helps the audience understand what each award represents, especially for themed trophies.

  • Spotlight: If possible, arrange for a spotlight to focus on the golf trophies and winner during each presentation.
    This creates a more dramatic and celebratory atmosphere.

  • Short Speeches: Encourage presenters to prepare short, personalized speeches about the trophy and winner’s achievement (optional for larger tournaments).
    It adds a human touch and makes the ceremony more engaging.

  • Photo Opportunity: Set up a designated area with a backdrop for photos of winners with their golf trophies.
    Capture these celebratory moments for participants to share.

By focusing on these preparations, you can ensure your trophy ceremony is a highlight of the golf tournament.

This will leave winners feeling proud and recognized for their achievements.